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Apple filed a patent for a fully glass iPhone

AT   the European patent office found a new application for Apple, which conceived the device with   completely glass case, without metal frames.

What will it be

According to the application, it will be a smartphone with   construction of   glass, which will not   just a decor. As well as  at   case of metal or plastic housings, all internal parts, in   including   touch screen will be attached to the   glass.



In this case, the case itself can consist of   Two connected halves or a single structure in   form of  cover  .

AT   Apple says that this solution can be used in   production is not   only smartphones, but   and   iPad tablets, MacBook laptops, smart Apple Watch watches and   other devices.

The application was filed in   the end of last year, but   translate   whether this idea in   a life    not yet   it is known.

TO   Apple first patented the device   glass casing in   In 2011, but   while applying in   iPhone only individual glass elements.

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