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Middle of the night the family heard the terrible moans. Out on the street, they could not believe their eyes.

The family was shocked to find her dog dead in a huge pool of blood. He gave His life for them.

This Doberman was honorably buried in Sebekapure (India) after saving his family from poisonous cobras. At the cost of his own life.

In their new owners dog she lived only a few months.

One night the family was awakened by loud barking and creepy moans. Sensing something was wrong, Doberman owners immediately ran out into the yard, where they found the dog in the fight with a few cobras.

The dog struggled with snakes, not allowing them to enter the house. The enemy was defeated, but the poison acted in a couple of seconds, and brave Doberman fell to the ground. The dog was nothing more could be saved. The last moments of his life he spent with people who loved and defended.

“I’m shocked! He sacrificed himself for us. He will always remain in our memory, “- says Raita Dibakar, hostess Doberman. At the funeral of a hero he gathered the entire village. This incredible devotion everyone should salute.

Dogs – our real friends. That they have we should learn loyalty, courage, and unselfish love.

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  • Сергей Пятигорец
    Published: 12:18, 25 January Reply

    The hosts could have such a loyal dog to encourage a second life through cloning in South Korean companies, where such work is done for many years.
    Sergey Pyatigorets

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