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1,000.00 грн.

Product Description

The white titanium numbered genetic badge with a picture. It is intended for the preservation of personal biological data of a person who prefers active and passive risks. Active risks: alpine tourism, mountaineering, diving, speleology, jungle travel, rafting and canoeing, participation in armed conflicts, imprisonment, space travel, etc. Passive risks: flights on aircrafts where, unfortunately, passengers do not depend on anything, just swimming by the sea on ships. Others … A titanium genetic badge has two divided sectors (look at the disassembled one). The first sector is filled with personal biological materials: a bunch of unpainted hair, clean nail plates, a dried drop of  blood. The second sector is filled with a microchip with personal data and a photo of 1×1. The badge is brewed with a laser beam or glued with special glue.


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